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Compressed Containers

As you may know our MBS Plugin can read compressed containers for a while. Now with new plugin version we add creation of compressed containers.

Container.Compress compresses an existing container. This way you can loop over records and compress them on the fly. But be aware that a lot of media formats (PDF, images like JPEG and PNG, audio and video files) are already compressed, so compressing them again may increase size! But you can use our Container.GetTotalSize function to check if size after compression is actually smaller.

With the new function Container.Decompress you can decompress containers. This allows you to decompress a container if it's compressed and pass it to a function which doesn't understand compressed containers. To know if a container is compressed, check with Container.GetTypes function if there is a ZLIB data stream in the container.

Our function Files.ReadFile can read a file. In next plugins you can use mode = "compressed" to return the content of a file as a compressed container.

All the compressed container functions work fine on older FileMaker versions like 11 where FileMaker doesn't support it. Claris FileMaker Plugin
16 09 15 - 11:00