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WMI queries in FileMaker

The Windows Management Instrumentation has the nice feature to run SQL like queries against the database with all the system information. For next MBS FileMaker Plugin now has functions to query those configuration database. Like this example database:

As you see we connect to local computer's namespace (root\cimv2) and run the query "select * from Win32_Printer" to query all properties for all printers. Than our example database will walk over all records found and put all fields with name, type and value. Like on this screenshot for the printers:

Now the queries you can do include table names like Win32_Processor, Win32_NetworkAdapter, Win32_OperatingSystem, Win32_NTEventLogFile, Win32_NTLogEvent, Win32_PrintJob, Win32_Printer, Win32_LogicalDisk, Win32_DiskDrive, Win32_PhysicalMedia, Win32_SerialPort, AntiVirusProduct, FirewallProduct, AntiSpywareProduct or one of the others Microsoft named.

Guess what you can do with this in your solutions with queries on those!

PS: We also have this for Xojo in our MBS Xojo Win Plugin: WindowsWMIMBS class. Claris FileMaker Plugin
24 06 15 - 15:44