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Xojo 64-bit notes

First my plugins will increase in size a lot. About double the size due to new code for Mac Desktop, Mac Console, Windows and Linux plugin parts for 64-bit.

I did build everything as 64-bit within the last 24 hours. A few things had to be fixed so it compiles, but mostly I prepared this for the last two years. The IDE in version 2015r3a1 loads all my plugins and builds using them. It takes long if you have all the plugins installed, so I recommend to use only the once you need. Some things work:
  • MBSVersionString function reports plugin version.
  • LogoMBS returns our logo picture, so picture creation seems to work fine.
  • DynaPDF Plugin creates PDF already
  • SQL Plugin can connect to SQLite and do things.
So far it seems like an easy transition. Waiting for a supported 64-bit SDK, than recompiling everything and you guys can try it.

PS: I consider even with 64-bit to let the plugin not create strings over 2 GB. Not sure if Xojo will allow it, but it may not make much sense.
01 05 15 - 05:38