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Apply fonts to font PopupMenu

Just got some example code for you on how to apply fonts in a Mac Cocoa app made with Xojo to a PopupMenu control's menu.
So each item in the menu item is rendered using the font it represents.
Sub ApplyFontsToItems(xp as PopupMenu) // Apply font to menu items in a popupmenu #if TargetCocoa then // graphics for measurement of height dim g as new NSGraphicsMBS dim si as new NSSizeMBS(1000, 1000) // the Cocoa popup control and it's menu dim p as NSPopUpButtonMBS = xp.NSPopUpButtonMBS dim m as NSMenuMBS = p.menu // font size to use? dim fontSize as Double = xp.TextSize if fontsize <= 8 then fontsize = NSFontMBS.systemFontSize end if // walk over all items dim mu as integer = m.numberOfItems-1 for mi as integer = 0 to mu dim item as NSMenuItemMBS = m.Item(mi) // get the title and use it to make font dim name as string = item.Title dim f as NSFontMBS = NSFontMBS.fontWithName(name, fontSize) // now build attributed string with that font dim a as new NSMutableAttributedStringMBS if a.initWithString(name) then dim r as new NSRangeMBS(0, a.length) a.addAttribute(a.NSFontAttributeName, f, r) // calculate bounding Rectangle dim re as NSRectMBS = g.boundingRectWithSize(a, si, 0) if re.Height <= 22 then // only apply font if height is not too much item.attributedTitle = a end if end if next #endif End Sub
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