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MBS Xojo / Real Studio Plugins, version 14.5pr2

New in this prerelease of the 14.5 plugins:
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added CALayerMBS.contents, CGImageMBS.CreateImageWithFile, AVMutableVideoCompositionMBS.renderSize for new AVFoundation example to show how to overlay video with image.
  • Fixed a possible crash with PDFPageMBS object being destroyed too early.
  • Fixed bug in NSObject to Variant conversion to handle NSColor, too.
  • Changed UDPSocketMBS to use as valid IP for sending to.
  • Fixed a problem with AVFoundation object releasing if run on Xojo thread.
  • Upgraded Xcode to version 6.1
  • Fixed CURL sftp which broke in pr1.
  • Deprecated SQLAnywhereDatabaseMBS in favor of SQLDatabaseMBS
  • Improved CMSampleBufferMBS class.
Download: macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease. Or ask us to be added to our shared Dropbox folder. The biggest plugin in space...
01 12 14 - 17:10