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MBS Xojo Developer Conference in 4 weeks

Just four weeks left until the conference starts. If you like to attend, please register soon. We already have participants from 10 countries and the hotel will soon run out of available rooms.

We still have seats available for training in English and German.

Recently we added a new session about Extending the Framework from Tobias Bussmann. He will also show their huge web app for the Swiss Academy of Sciences made with Xojo.
Finally a few days ago we added a session be Valdemar de Sousa about In-App Purchases in the Mac App Store.

Hotel in Koblenz is reserved for 17th to 20th September 2014.

17th - Xojo Training in German
18th and 19th - MBS Xojo Conference in English
20th - Xojo Training in English The biggest plugin in space...
21 08 14 - 19:52