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LibXL version 3.6.0

Version 3.6.0

* added autofit column width support (use -1 for width parameter in setCol method)
* added hyperlink support
* added direct access to merges
* added a possibility to create xltx and xlsm files
* added a possibility to read errors "#NULL!", "#DIV/0!", "#VALUE!", "#REF!", "#NAME?", "#NUM!", "#N/A" with readFormula method from xls files.
* added support Windows-1251 encoding in XML files
* added support RGB colors without alpha component in xlsx files
* added a cell range support in formula expressions (xls)
* improved performance of cellFormat() method (xls)
* optimized xls files reading
* fixed a bug with copying a sheet with pictures in addSheet() (xls)
* fixed a memory bug when used a second parameter in addSheet()
* fixed issue with nested quotes in formula expressions (xls)
* fixed bug with using a single quote in formula expressions (xls)
* fixed issue with loading some xlsx files which were created in Numbers on Mac ("Unknown exception")
* fixed bug with UTF-8 encoding in custom format strings (xlsx)
* fixed bug with reading some non-standard characters (xlsx)

New methods:

* Sheet MergeSize - Returns a number of merged cells in this worksheet.
* Sheet Merge - Gets the merged cells by index.
* Sheet DelMergeByIndex - Removes merged cells by index.
* Sheet HyperlinkSize - Returns the number of hyperlinks in the sheet.
* Sheet Hyperlink - Gets the hyperlink and its coordianates by index.
* Sheet DelHyperlink - Removes hyperlink by index.
* Sheet AddHyperlink - Adds the new hyperlink.
* Sheet SplitInfo - Gets the split information (position of frozen pane) in the sheet.

this will be included in next prerelease plugins in a few days.
20 07 14 - 21:01