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Scheduled in Feedback

Recently we had the discussion where Xojo is going in the future. One way to learn that is to check the Feedback application for what's reported there. Within something like 30000 feedback cases, it's difficult to find something. But well, here are 20 scheduled cases. This means that each item has been assigned to an engineer and be scheduled to ship in one of the future releases of Xojo. Maybe interesting to know what Xojo engineers work on?
  • 3215: Allow compilation using the command-line
  • 3353: 64 bit Applications Support
  • 3851: Viewing Custom Controls in WIndow Editor.
  • 7836: [WEB] [Cocoa] Feature request: NSTableView support
  • 9053: [IDESubmitted] Report: Group Header 'Repeat on New Page' Option
  • 9054: [IDESubmitted] Report Option: Need field option for Supress Repeated Values
  • 9205: [WEB] Report Feature Request: Margin Guides
  • 9206: [WEB] Report Feature Request: Pagination Features
  • 9433: Ability to build iOS (iPhone/iPad) applications
  • 10311: Support HTTP 1.1
  • 10701: Add ability to Export PDFs
  • 12645: WebCheckBox doesn't support single control edit mode
  • 13417: Need a WebComboBox
  • 16046: Add WebStyledText class to support styling text (with links) for WebTextField, WebTextArea, WebLabel, WebButton, WebLink, etc.
  • 16671: Support building desktop applications for OS X with LLVM
  • 17424: WebMapViewer: Add Directions
  • 18399: Make the HTMLViewer on Windows use the most recent version of Internet Explorer that is installed
  • 18541: WebMoviePlayer Lacking Simple Stop Method
  • 20384: Support Drag and Drop for web applications
  • 22898: Need way to set WebListBox SelectedRow Color
  • 24074: undeprecate REALPictureClearCache
We recommend everyone to use Feedback. At least sign in and put your 5 favorite cases in the top case list.
03 10 13 - 14:42