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The Internet Explorer 10 Problem

As you may know we have the WebView.InstallCallback plugin function to register the window.status setter to call a Filemaker script in a webviewer from javascript. This is a very useful function for a lot of solutions.

But with Internet Explorer version 10 and newer, Microsoft optimized the security model. Or in other words, we can patch the stuff as much as we want, but the javascript methods no longer call the patched functions.

So we need another solution. And we found one in the last days. We can use our new ServerSocket functions. So the plugin is told to wait for incoming requests and performs them. The website itself sends via Javascript a XMLHttpRequest to our plugin. This way we can once again launch scripts from Javascript. And this works also with Mac OS X and Webkit.

So please check 3.3pr6 plugin with the ServerSocket functions and the new example. Claris FileMaker Plugin
13 07 13 - 15:35