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MBS releases MBS SOAP Kit 2.2 for Xojo and Real Studio

NICKENICH, Germany (July 10th, 2013) -- Monkeybread Software releases version 2.2 of the MBS Xojo SOAP Kit.

With this SOAP Kit, you can parse the webservice description file (WSDL) and generate source code for all the methods, constants and classes defined in your webservice. You add this code to your project together with additional source code provided from MBS. Now you can call the webservice methods like any other method in your code.

The new versions improves array handling, adds additional checks and fixes a couple of bugs discovered while integrating with new web services.
  • Complete SOAP solution for professional Xojo (Real Studio) users
  • Parses the description of your webservice as WSDL.
  • Out SOAP Utility generates for you:
    • Classes for each data type in the WSDL
    • Modules with constants defined in the WSDL
    • Modules with methods to call WSDL functions synchronously and asynchronously
  • Includes shared code for common tasks:
    • Error handling
    • Verify WSDL matches between Client and Server.
    • XML creation and parsing
  • All source code generated for your application is not locked or encrypted.
Requirements: Real Studio 2008 or newer. Works with Xojo 2013r1.

Our SOAP Kit is offered for 999 Euro (+VAT if needed) including one manday of support to get your WSDL running with our utility.
Additional support is offered at our usual rates for adding additional web services or providing advanced support.

If you have questions or new ideas for plug-in functions, please email us.
More information on the website. The biggest plugin in space...
11 07 13 - 11:39