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My Xojo Web App does not launch. Why?

Here is a list of checks to do for linux apache installations with Xojo or Real Studio Web applications:
  • You have 64bit linux?
    Than you need 32 bit compatibility libraries.
  • The folder of your app is writable?
    Set permissions to 777.
  • The cgi script is executable?
    Set permissions to 755.
  • The app file itself is executable?
    Set permissions to 755.
  • You uploaded cgi file as text, so it has unix line endings?
    (this often gives error "Premature end of script headers" in apache log)
  • You uploaded config.cfg file and made it writable?
    Set permissions to 666.
  • Your apache allows execution of cgi scripts?
    You enabled cgi for apache and uncommented addhandler command for CGI on a new apache installation?
  • You uploaded the app file and libraries as binary files?
    Upload as text breaks them.
  • You did upload the libs folder?
  • You don't have code in app.open, session.open and other events which crashes app right at launch?
  • You don''t have a print command in your app.open event?
    (see feedback case 23817)
  • You allowed htaccess file to overwrite permissions?
  • The server really has same lib files in the libs folder as you on your build machine?
    Web Apps calling function with plugin library missing will die without comment (see feedback case 27741).
26 06 13 - 20:14