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Introducing DynaPDF to MBS Filemaker Plugin

With our latest MBS Filemaker Plugin prerelease we added support for using DynaPDF library in Filemaker. Using newest plugins you can enjoy our new DynaPDF functions. We start with just a few high level functions for the most requested functions:So we have functions to open a PDF for import and import all pages or just selected ones. Also you can read/write document informations like title or subject. You can query page size and page count. With the render page function you can get a picture from a page. Good for creating a thumbnail. And finally you can save a PDF you created.

In Filemaker you need to initialize the DynaPDF Library with the plugin. The plugin loads the dynapdf.dll (Windows) or dynapdf.dylib (Mac) from the file system, so please include the library with your Filemaker solution. Initialization in our example database looks like this:

Once you initialized the library, you can use the functions. For example in this script we start a new PDF, we open a PDF from a container and import all pages. Than we can render a page from the PDF and store it in a container field:

If you try the plugin, please also read the dynapdf_help.pdf file and if you have an idea for a new function for our plugin related to PDF, please let us know. The DynaPDF library is huge and has thousands of features. Over the next months we'll add quite a few.

On the license side, you need both a license for the MBS FIlemaker Plugin and a DynaPDF license for use with Filemaker. If you like to order a license, please visit our order page or simply contact us, especially if you already have a DynaPDF license for another development tool. Claris FileMaker Plugin
27 11 12 - 14:24