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Meet Jens Boschulte in Koblenz

We can confirm that Mr. Jens Boschulte, CEO of DynaForms GmbH and main developer of the DynaPDF library will join us in Koblenz for the Real Studio conference. So you can ask all your PDF questions and learn better how the DynaPDF library works. Of course questions related to the Real Studio plugin may be better asked to Mr. Christian Schmitz from Monkeybread Software.

DynaPDF is a PDF library which started as a little library for PDF related tasks like working on PDF forms and converting EMF to PDF. The library grew over the last years to now over 800 functions. Earlier this year it got powerful raster functions to display PDF pages. It's just a question of time when we will have full editor functionality available to create PDF editors for all the special usages our clients can imaging.

We hope you enjoy coming to our conference next month.
More details on the website
26 10 12 - 15:57