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Fix NSStatusItemMBS to accept all mouse clicks right

You may know we have a problem with NSStatusitems. Check here for details.
Now in a sentence, I think Joe was it, at Real World he mentioned that Carbon apps are marked as being compiled with Mac OS X 10.0 SDK. So Mac OS X tries to behave like that Mac OS X version even, if you are running 10.7. And this causes the problems with have with Statusitems.

Now Joe also posted a workaround for the HTMLViewer text field problem we run into with latest Mac OS X 10.7.4 update. Thanks Joe for this workaround as I got hit with the problem, too.

The workaround given there, also works for our NSStatusItem problem. If you set the default SDK setting for apps to be 10.4 or newer, you can easily get the Statusitem to work again like you expect!

You can set the flag with this:

defaults write com.realsoftware.realstudio "Mac SDK Version" -string "10.4"

and later reset it to default with:

defaults delete com.realsoftware.realstudio "Mac SDK Version"

I also filled a feedback case for this, so please vote on feedback case 21394.
03 06 12 - 23:44