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License changes

After some talks with a lot of Filemaker developers over the last months, we change the licenses a little bit.
  • As before we keep the 5 to unlimited seat options for companies doing their in house development with Filemaker and simply buy a license matching their seat requirements.
  • Also we keep the runtime license for people who create runtimes.
  • We add a new license for people who want to use the plugin on Filemaker Server.
  • And as several professional developers asked us, we also add a flat rate, our Pro Developer license. This way a developer can license the plugin once and use in all solutions for all clients.
Of course serial numbers must be hidden, e.g. by putting them in startup script and disallow users to see this script.

I hope this works well for you and as we honor existing licenses, we will certainly find special upgrade deals for you as well as sending out replacement license keys.
24 01 12 - 10:59