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Important note for Webkit enabled applications in the Mac App Store

Do you use the htmlviewer in one of your applications you submit to the Mac App Store?
Your app can be rejected with this reason:

The application accesses the following location(s):


The application may be

* creating files
* writing files
* opening files for Read/Write access (instead of Read-Only access)

in the above location(s).

After you asked yourself why we are made responsible for what Apple's Webkit framework does, the question is: how to solve this?

Actually Apple has an article about this: How do I prevent my WebKit-enabled application from writing to the shared icon database?

And translating the code, it should be simply
dim u as NSUserDefaultsMBS = NSUserDefaultsMBS.standardUserDefaults
u.setBoolValue("WebIconDatabaseEnabled", false)
Put it somewhere in your startup code after plugin registration and before using a htmlviewer. The biggest plugin in space...
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