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REAL Studio Training in Hamburg

If you want to attend the REAL Studio training in Hamburg, please register this week. And if you plan to attend, please email me about what topics you are interested.

Our topic list for those days is on the website, but depending on your needs, we can discuss and learn additional stuff:
  • REAL Studio Web Edition
  • Accessing database servers which are not directly supported by REAL Studio like Microsoft SQL Server, InterBase/Firebird, Sybase, DB2, SQLBase or Informix.
  • Helper applications for better performance with multiple CPUs
  • Getting started with ChartDirector or DynaPDF Plugins from us.
For more information and registration visit:
REAL Studio Einführungskurs (beginners)
REAL Studio Intensivkurs (advanced)
REAL Studio Datenbankentwicklung (database)
11 10 10 - 11:25