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Statistics on our web apps

We had a seven webapps online the last weeks and they are still running. Due to some memory leaks we have to restart an app every few days, but that should be fixed soon. So far we had thousands of visitors or maybe just a few hundred. We wrote logs to a database and here are a few numbers:
WebappSessionsUniqueIP Addresses
simplebar with ImageMapHandler1451215199
PDF Test751198190
simplePie with MouseClicks explode910249223
animated bar1198214197

Each web app made a lot of session. Sessions happen if a crawler like Google queries the website. So we did a query how many unique combinations exist between Browser, platform and IP address which gives better idea about how many users are there. Also we checked how many unique IP addresses we have.

The PDF Test web app created 180 PDF files.

We had this browsers:
BrowserNumber of sessions


It may be difficult to know whether a user got on our app or maybe google just queried the page content. You see that on the PDF example, where we only got 180 PDFs for for over 751 sessions.
And if you want to store data in a web app, you have to think about using a database. Even for logging. To write you need exclusive access and your web app may run in several instances and server several users at the same time. So you can't write to text files. Using a database leaves the locking up to the database server and your app is just a client. The biggest plugin in space...
03 10 10 - 14:46