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About InstallSystemExceptionHandlerMBS

What happens if your application runs out of memory?
See Feedback Report 12072: REALbasic crashes when C++ raises exception in out of memory situation

REALbasic does not handle exceptions on the c++ new operator, so your app crashes. I hate this. I'd prefer if they catch this c++ exception and raise an OutOfMemoryException (which they prepared earlier when they had memory).

Today I added a plugin method InstallSystemExceptionHandlerMBS. If you call it, it will wait in background and whenever your app crashes, it will show a message. The last message before your app dies, but it's better than nothing. This works currently on Mac OS X and Linux, but not on Windows.

InstallSystemExceptionHandlerMBS(Message as string = "")

If you like to try it, go to our prerelease plugins and download the new Main plugin and the sample project: http://www.macsw.de/plugin/Prerelease/ The biggest plugin in space...
22 06 10 - 14:45