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REAL Studio 2010r2 released

REAL Studio 2010r2 was release today.
This is a decent update to REAL Studio. I think everyone will find his favorite item in the release notes. And please do not whine about missing Cocoa target. They are working on it, they make progress, but it is not good enough to actually use it in a project. A few of the highlights from the release notes:
  • They fixed several bugs/crashes around exception handling
  • The Libs folder can now be renamed "Libs", so you can share DLLs between several REALbasic applications in the same folder on Windows.
  • Printing a project can now include the pictures from the window editor.
  • The reference will load from the wiki if you are connected to the internet.
  • SSL Sockets now default to SSLv3, so check your code!

The release notes list 17 new things and 68 fixed things.
As far as I see it works well with my plug-ins. If you find an issue, please report as soon as possible. Claris FileMaker Plugin
03 05 10 - 21:40