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NSBundleMBS and NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS

In 9.8pr4 we have three new classes: NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS, NSEnumeratorMBS and NSBundleMBS.
The NSEnumeratorMBS class is a common base class in Cocoa for enumerating objects. Maybe the plugin will use it in the future more often. Currently it is used internally to enumerate objects in arrays whenever a REALbasic array is created with Cocoa objects.
With NSDirectoryEnumeratorMBS you can enumerate files in a certain folder and all subfolders. Foldersitems maybe do this, too. And FileListMBS is certainly faster, but there was at least one user who requested it.
With NSBundleMBS you have now an easier way compared to CFBundleMBS to get information about a bundle. For example you can take a bundle folderitem, get the NSBundleMBS for it and query information like the executableArchitectures or values form the info dictionary.
New in version 9.8 Claris FileMaker Plugin
08 11 09 - 14:52