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FileMaker Cloud coming soon

The new FileMaker Cloud offer is coming soon. Claris International Inc. announced it at the FileMaker DevCon in Orlando this year and as far as we know it will be released to public later in October 2019.

Monkeybread Software has been able to test the new Cloud offering and we think it is a great upgrade for existing users. Within the next three years, we expect a lot of clients to move to the new Cloud offering. The improved consoles for management of the servers and the improved admin console alone may lead to some admins to request the move!

The older FileMaker Cloud for AWS is set get support till end of the year 2021. Not sure if the those FileMaker Cloud servers on AWS can run indefinitely or need to be migrated as eventually no licenses will be extended or security problems make it impossible to keep them running.

Currently we try to assemble a list of users with FileMaker Cloud for AWS and a need for MBS Plugin. We support FileMaker Cloud for AWS with a specific Linux plugin version since September 2016. Once the last client stops using our plugin on FileMaker Cloud for AWS servers, we can retire our support for this platform.
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