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Formatted Text Control 3.1.9

BKeeney Software has released version 3.1.9 of the Formatted Text Control, a canvas based word processing control for Xojo Mac OS X and Windows applications. The FTC is an alternative to the built-in TextArea control and allows for in-line graphics, hyperlinks, custom components, better RTF support and much more. The demo project has quite a few examples, including a Masked Text Field, XojoScript code editor example, Embedded FTC (in your own canvas), as well as the word processor with page view.

This is a maintenance release and is free for all version 3 users. It fixes the following items:
  • Fixed issue with view scale < 1.0 setting up the clipping page incorrectly (#3500)
  • Fixed spelling replace on TestWindow (#3581)
  • Fixed Mac text AutoComplete positioning (#3574)
  • Fixed Tabstop Widths (#3500, #3576)
  • Updated Linux declare for doubleClickTime to include GTK3 in newer Xojo versions (#3575)
  • Fixed the Draw Control border on the right side (#3473)
  • Added SpellCheck configuration testing to contextual menu on TestWindow
  • Added SpellCheck configuration testing to App.Close event
  • Fixed resources directory location for the the Spell Checker initialization
  • Added more comments in code if plugins are missing
The Formatted Text Control costs $150 and is 100% unencrypted Xojo code. Version 3 and above requires the use of the Text Input Canvas plugin (included in package) to allow for proper text handling in Cocoa builds. Product page at bkeeney.com/formatted-text-control/

PS: Don't forget to ask Bob for PDF output to be added via DynaPDF plugin for v4!
That would give excellent PDFs with a lot of features and correct font embedding.
30 10 17 - 23:17