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Windows DLL Limits and Xojo 64-bit IDE

As you may have read, Xojo goes 64-bit for the next version of the IDE. That’s great news and we plan to have our plugins ready soon. But on Windows we run once again into a limit of the number of DLLs which can be loaded. By default each DLL uses 1 to 2 slots for TLS/FLS table. The FLS limit is 128 and the TLS limit 1088. For 32-bit I did make a change to avoid this years ago. This way MBS Plugins didn’t count against the smaller limit.

So we made a change for 64-bit Windows to use TLS only and so we can load 500 DLLs without a problem:

WhatFLS useTLS use
Default Visual Studio 64-bit DLL10
MBS Plugins 64-bit DLL01
Xojo Database Plugins 64-bit10
Default Visual Studio 32-bit DLL11
MBS Plugins 32-bit DLL02
Xojo Database Plugins 32-bit10

All per DLL and plus the base level of about 50 TLS handles and 12 FLS handles for Xojo itself.

So for Xojo 2017r3 on Windows, you will definitively need our 17.5 plugins with the fix. Older plugins will only load partially. This fix enables to use to 500 MBS Plugin DLLs if needed and still have room in both tables for other plugins and Xojo itself.
24 10 17 - 12:48