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dotfmp Session Proposals from me

As .fmp conference is all about sharing knowledge of things you know well, but others may not, let’s think about sessions, we could do later on this conference.

Here is a list of topics I could talk about if someone is interested:
  • MBS Plugin overview
  • MBS Plugin installation & getting started
  • MBS Plugin example walkthrough
  • Setting up and using Dash (or Zeal) application for help browsing
  • Build a plugin
  • Code signing apps for Mac, PC and iOS
  • Using plugins with iOS SDK
  • Using plugins with Linux / Cloud
  • Building iOS SDK apps
  • Live coding of a new function for MBS Plugin.
  • MBS vs. FM16 built in functions
  • Close look on some functions, e.g. CURL/JSON for REST web services
If a few people are interested, let’s schedule something.
01 06 17 - 10:23