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xDev Magazine Issue 14.5 Issue

The September/October 2016 (14.5) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:
  • Cooking with Xojo (Part 1) by Mark Strickland
    Wouldn't you love to type Xojo code to cook your steak? Well, Mark doesn't go that far, but he's planning a project to build his own Xojo-controlled cooker!
  • No Shortcuts for Shortcuts by Marc Zeedar
    Letting your users set their own keyboard shortcuts for your app is the ultimate power user feature. But how do you do it?
  • Making Better Examples 2 by Markus Winter
    Those who teach programming should always be working to be better—more clear, more helpful. Markus has more examples that could be improved.
  • Gestures and Tabs by Sam Rowlands
    Trackpad gestures on the Mac are powerful. Sam shows how you can use them in your own apps, and how to use MacOS Sierra's new Tabbed Windows.
  • Tracking Health Disorders, Part 3 by J.C. Cruz
    Jose continues his health tracking project, this time adding the complexity of tracking and recording a patient's vitals.
Plus: Hadoop, REST Classes, Xojo's latest iOS features, converting dictionaries to JSON, ReText, and much more.
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