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Real Studio Developer Magazine July/August 2012 (10.5) Issue Available

July 2012 -- Real Studio Developer Magazine is pleased to announce that the new July/August 2012 (10.5) issue is now available in PDF and print-on-demand formats.

This latest issue of the magazine includes the following feature articles:

* News from Real World * by Marc Zeedar
Real Software announced so much new stuff at the Real World Conference in Orlando last month that we almost need a book to explain it all. From Real Studio for iOS to the new IDE, easy web app deployment, and the new pricing system, we've got the full scoop here.

* To Real World and Back Again * by Marc Zeedar
Couldn't go to Real World this year? Wondering what it was like? Marc relates his experiences and includes a lot of pictures -- it's almost as good as being there!

* Intro to Fun * by Daniel Gross
The idea behind Functional Programming is to eliminate the side effects of calculations that depend on a certain state by reducing everything to a repeatable function. What does that mean in practical terms? Daniel Gross has been exploring adapting Real Studio for Functional Programming and he shares his results in this introductory article.

In our regular columns we've got articles on how to convert Markdown, rethinking your processes for better efficiency, web toolbars, and much more. Enjoy!
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