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A strange problem with auto complete and DynaPDF

Please email me if you know how to fix this:

First if you have this code in REAL Studio:
dim pdf as new DynapdfMBS
dim ColorSpace as integer = pdf.CreateSeparationCS("dave", pdf.kcsDeviceCMYK,-1, pdf.CMYK(0,0,0,100))
if you autocomplete after the pdf you see that Shuffle is suggested and from the status line below you see that REALbasic things we have a 4 dimensional array here!

Now go and change the call to the static method CMYK. Use DynaPDFMBS (class name) to reference to the method instead of pdf (object name). REALbasic now does not auto complete at all and has no idea where pdf is coming from.

Now you go and change the reference to the constant from pdf to DynaPDFMBS. Now autocomplete works again:

This bug is in RB 2009r2 to 2010r2a6. Check Feedback app for status: Report 11761
20 03 10 - 16:40