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New prices for Filemaker Plugins Licenses

Today we cleaned up the price list for the filemaker plugins. Instead of 42 one items we only have 8 items in the list now.
From the feedback we got last year, we know that our old price list was very complicated for people. Being able to buy each part on its own may be a way to have the entry lower, but still it confuses users. Also the seat counting can give strange problems from time to time. So we now give 5 seats as the start point.

So for our upcoming 2.0 release, we have this price setup: 5 seats for 99 Euro, 20 seats for 199 Euro and 50 seats or redistribution for 399 Euro. Updates 50% as before.
Older license will be upgraded (or downgraded if you need) on the next update to fit the new schema.
05 03 10 - 19:43