Comment Spam

this blog is here for just a few days and we got our first Spam comments. So now comments are moderated here.

Moved forums to own domains

Over the years I got a lot of MBS related domain names. So yesterday I moved the forums to own domains.

You find the forums here:

For Filemaker go to:
For REALbasic go to:

And the mailinglist:

For REALbasic go to:

Also we have a forum notification mailing list to keep you up to date on the REALsoftware forums. Check it out.

New MBS REALbasic plug-ins in version 9.7

Check the latest plugins from us. Try the new DotMacKit Plugin part and the new CUPS plugin part.
Release Notes for 9.7

MemoryblockMBS benchmark

The new 9.7pr14 plugins not just add a few more CUPS functions, we also got a nice Memoryblock vs. MemoryblockMBS benchmark project.
As you see in the numbers on the left, the MBS class becomes very much faster compared to memoryblock if the size increases.

For smalls sizes the MBS class is slower due to the overhead of calling plugin code and the extra object plugin object being created. But on the raw memory allocation for the memoryblock, the plugin is faster. Instead of allocating a certain memory area and clearing it with zeros, the plugin orders directly cleared memory. As you see allocating a 1 GigaByte big memoryblock using REALbasic functions costs you 1.2 seconds while the plugin only needs 1.2 milliseconds. The times in the listbox are in microseconds.

New video

CURL Twitter with MBS PluginsThis new video shows how to send twitter status updates using the CURL plugin. You can use this project to start writing your own twitter client or add a twitter feature to your own application. to the video.

PS: All twitter users can get notices about new blog entries on

REALbasic 2009r4 and MBS Plugins

A few users report problems with using older plugins with REALbasic 2009r4.
With REALbasic 2009r4 there was change with Cocoa memory management. So we changed the plugins to work with that in v9.5. And with v9.6 we changed even more to get less leaks.

Please do not use REALbasic 2009r4 and newer with plugins before version 9.5. You can get crashes there which typically show a line with a objc_msgSend call.

With REALbasic 2009r4 the code below should not be needed as REALbasic runtime does automatically handle the NSAutoreleasePools for you. For older REALbasic versions you need to use code with a timer with the action event below to avoid memory leaks.

// in a Timer Action event:
Sub Action()
static LastPool as NSAutoreleasePoolMBS = nil
static CurrentPool as NSAutoreleasePoolMBS = nil

LastPool = CurrentPool
CurrentPool = NSAutoreleasePoolMBS
End Sub

MBS started a Blog

Today I started a blog on the website. A long wish and over the last weeks I had a lot of I could write about, so I finally created a blog.
I hope to write here in the next time about all the stuff we do at MBS, news about my plugins, tipps and tricks for REALbasic and anything I think is important.

Comments are welcome on this blog.

I copied a few forum announcements here as I'm not sure whether I should keep the my own forums. There is not much traffic and I prefer to talk to people more on the existing REALbasic groups like on the REALbasic forums and the REALbasic mailing lists.


New CUPS Plugin part


recently I started with a CUPS plugin part. As I needed to send raw
data files to a printer.

So if you need to send a raw data file to a printer, e.g. a postscript
file to a postscript printer, you can use the methods of this plugin.

If you have wishes for the CUPS plugins, please send me an email.

PS: This plugin part is for Mac OS X and Linux.


New plugin: DotMacKit


Apple has a framework for the .mac / MobileMe integration in your

This part is new and I'd like to get feedback about this.
Whether it works for you and whether I could improve it.

For the DotMacSDK you need to have an ADC account to download it.

Download plugin here:



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