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FileMaker 2024 released

Claris released today FileMaker 2024 in version 21.0. Works fine with MBS FileMaker Plugin 14.2.

You get new AI script steps, writing via Execute FileMaker Data API script step, Let's Encrypt certificates (instructions here), an Open Quickly shortcut, Revert transactions in subscripts and you may enjoy a few bug fixes. But please read details in the release notes:

You can download it on the ESD website. The link is in the license email from Claris.

For MBS FileMaker Plugin, just make sure you have a 14.x version, best the 14.2 one. We had to adjust our plugin in several places:

  • We updated the SDK to the latest version.
  • Relationship graph search had to be adjusted for macOS.
  • Control placements have been adjusted for macOS.
  • Adjustments for identifying FileMaker windows on Windows.

And a few smaller bug fixes. We keep an eye open on what users report and may adjust more for the next plugin release.

If you like to learn more, please check the FMTraining.tv live streams this week featuring Claris staff explaining the details.

Also there are two Significant Security Fixes In Latest Version Of FileMaker Pro See the details in the white paper from Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell. Two more reasons to upgrade soon.

04 06 24 - 18:54