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xDev Magazine 22.3 Issue

The May/June (22.3) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

London Paris Germany by Marc Zeedar
Since he was flying over ten hours to Europe anyway, Marc went early and ate his way through London and Paris.

The 2024 MBS Xojo Conference by Marc Zeedar
As in-person conferences wane, Marc had to go to Andernach, Germany, and he’s glad he did. Experience what it was like, what he learned, and what he saw. Plus, a geyser!

Design Patterns Part 4 by Marc Zeedar
Our design pattern series continues with the Facade pattern, which is a class to simplify a complex API.

Rasp Pi Electronic Fun Part 7 by Eugene Dakin
Eugene shows how to use your Raspberry Pi to control a motor.

Transactional Email Services by Tim Dietrich
Learn about transactional email services, the problems that they solve, and how to send email via Twilio SendGrid.

Plus: Topics such as how to use ChatGPT in your Xojo projects, the scoop on Scope, using Phidgets, an interview with Xojo developer Jeremie Leroy, and more! The biggest plugin in space...
04 05 24 - 07:35