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Xojo license changes

With Xojo 2024r1 or newer, everyone can build Xojo desktop and console applications for Linux without a license. Basically this part of Xojo can be used for free. Only if you do Web applications on Linux, you'd need the paid license.

The bigger change for everyone with a Lite license is that you now save your project in text format. This enables the use of version control systems like GIT with Xojo projects. Previously this needed a Xojo Pro license. We hope more Xojo developers will use text projects and use GIT, even if they are developing alone, so they can track their own changes.

For MBS Xojo Plugins we match the Linux change in Xojo itself. If you use our MBS Xojo Complete Set Plugins in Linux Console or Desktop targets, we disable automatically the license check. This does not apply to SQL, ChartDirector, XL and DynaPDF plugins. And you still need a license for web projects, just like Xojo.

Otherwise please check out Xojo 2024r1. Try the new PopOvers for all targets. Since iOS applications need to use recent SDK versions, you may from April on need this new Xojo version with SDK 17.2 for putting applications on the iOS App Store.

And if you like to talk to Geoff, Javier and Riccardo about the new release, please join the MBS Xojo Conference later in April. The biggest plugin in space...
27 03 24 - 09:35