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MBS Xojo Conference Update

Just five weeks until the conference starts. We look forward to an intense week and meeting you all.

MBS Xojo Conference Plugin 25th to 26th April 2024 and Training day 24th April 2024 in Andernach, Germany.

Xojo Inc. recently promoted the conference in a blog post: Only 48 Days Until Monkeybread Software’s Xojo Conference. Thanks for the help!

Picture of the sky bar.


We reminded the speakers to start preparing their presentation. Doing a presentation is much easier if you divide it into several steps with a week of distance. Outline what you like to show, prepare slides, maybe an example project to show and refine week by week, so you can show something great.

It is still time to contact us if you have something to show. We look for a replacement sessions we can schedule if a speaker needs to cancel their presentation.

Or short presentations to fill 10 minutes if needed. Like if you can show a cool project, an add-on or some Xojo tips & tricks.


We'll have a raffle on the end of the conference to give away a few valuable prices. Anyone who wants to donate a gift, please let us know.

e.g. a coupon code for a free license of your app?

Hotel rooms

The hotel has a few more rooms available. Rooms can be cancelled without penalty a week before the start date of the reservation.

Our room allocation expires 31st March 2024. The rooms left will then be given to regular customers. If you like to get a room in the conference hotel, please sign up soon.

On short notice

Like with every conference, there is the question who will be the latest one to sign-up. While attendees flying over an ocean usually book months in advance, the people who can take a local train or a car to come to the conference in the morning can sign-up quite late. As well as some managers, who may decide a few days before the conference, whether they can spare a day or two between their busy schedule.

Looking in our database, we find over 45 Xojo developers in a 100 km radius, 170 in a 200 km radius and about 300 in a 300km radius. If you live in Cologne, you can just come with a train in the morning.

We look forward to see who signs up the latest, has the longest travel or has the best travel story to tell.


And sadly there is always a chance that someone wants to cancel. Usually a few percent or people miss a flight, get ill or have to urgently take care about someone in their family. We may give them the chance to donor the ticket to someone else. Let us know if you would be interested to pickup such a ticket, if the chance becomes available.

Please let us know if someone likes to join the conference or needs a reservation.

21 03 24 - 08:16