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xDev Magazine 22.2 Issue

The March/April (22.2) issue of xDev Magazine is now available. Here's a quick preview of what's inside:

Vision of the Future? by Marc Zeedar
Apple's Vision Pro is finally here and Marc has thoughts. Lots and lots of thoughts!

Design Patterns Part 3 by Marc Zeedar
Our design pattern series continues with the Factory pattern, which helps you produce new objects.

Rasp Pi Electronic Fun Part 6 by Eugene Dakin
Eugene shows how to use your Raspberry Pi to control a motor.

Hybrid Android Apps by Tim Dietrich
Tim explores the line between fully-native apps and Web apps by introducing a hybrid model that uses Web technologies to make the app more cross-platform.

Opinion: DMA and Apple by Marc Zeedar
The European Union's new law to control big tech is going into effect this month and Apple's "compliance" is controversial.

Plus: Topics such as how to use the Static keyword in Xojo, finding the location of your device, AI, procrastination, and more! The biggest plugin in space...
02 03 24 - 10:21