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Andernach City Outlook

Our Xojo conference in Andernach comes closer week by week and we are very excited to host you all in our homeland.

On the last weekend I walked to the Krahnenberg outlook over Andernach. That is a hike you could do if you have an hour or two of spare time in Andernach. The shortest and steepest way is 1.3 km from the Einstein Hotel, but a longer 2.4 km way over road is available or a 2.0 km way along the Rhine and up through the forest.

Same spot to the left, you can look downwards the Rhine:

You see there Leutesdorf, a small nice village with various vineries. The Geyser ship serves as ferry if you like to go there for a visit (should be a 2 Euro fee). Then you can walk up the little roads to take a look from Edmundhütte (a bar) or even work up all the way to the Brombeerschenke (Restaurant with beer garden). Check hours before you go or just walk to see the views and maybe stop by Weinbergschaukel.

I annotated a picture of Andernach with various points to show you around:

  1. The Einstein Hotel. Parking garage in the basement.
  2. Next gas station
  3. Beer garden at Rhine
  4. Big tower in the city wall.
  5. St. Mary's Cathedral
  6. Marketplace
  7. Geyser center
  8. Shopping area with supermarkets and fast food outlets
  9. Train station
  10. Rhine promenade with playground, resting places and beer garden
  11. Historic hospital church
  12. Castle ruins

Be sure to check the area around the hotel with a lot of art exposition. The roman garden is behind the hotel and you can walk to the old town parts or to the Rhine promenade.

An additional parking garage shows below between 4 and 5 as a white block.

Please join our Xojo conference in Andernach, Germany, 24th to 26th April 2024. Training day available

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