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Early bird offer ends for MBS Xojo Developer Conference

Just three months until the Xojo conference starts.

Early bird offer is about to end this week. If anyone likes to get a ticket, please be quick or pay the regular price later in the next months.

We got a nice group of attendees so far:

  • We are happy to have three Xojo staff members there.
  • Some long term Xojo community members are joining.
  • Some students and teachers using Xojo in school are coming.
  • We got newbies, who started Xojo less than a year ago.
  • And we got retired people who code in Xojo.
  • Finally we have a few professional people using Xojo as their development tool of choice.
  • People from nine countries so far including a lot of Europe, Canada and USA.
  • We have about 10 wives joining their husbands on the conference for the evenings. My wife may offer a city walk in Andernach one day while the conference runs. There is a lot of history, nature and culture to see.

More spots for conference and training days are available as well as hotel rooms in the Einstein Hotel. Register here and let us know if you need a hotel room.

Picture from presentation at Berlin conference 2017.

We are very happy about the feedback we got. A lot of people seem to be excited for another conference.

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