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FileMaker License Pricing Details

Depending on how many licenses you need, you should be aware of a few license options from Claris. Like when you have 24 users, always order 25 since that is cheaper due to the tiers. And consider the site license as it may be cheaper. But lets go into details:

One license

One license is $594 USD on the Claris website.
That is $16.50 for one seat paid for 3 years.

Alternatively get the FMTraining Bundle including a FileMaker user license. The video courses are $199 alone and $399 USD with a FileMaker user license, so you can develop while watching the videos.

Or get Claris FileMaker Developer Subscription for $99/year, which includes licenses for up to 3 FileMaker Servers and 3 user licenses for testing. If you become a Claris Partner, this is included. Important: This is not for productive use!

And if you visit a Developer Conference, there is a chance you get a new license. In the past we got a FMP license with the goodie pack.

Seats with tiers

The 5 seats pack starts at $16.50 per user and month, which multiplies to $990 per year. Multiple by 3 for a perpetual license.
With 10 seats the price lowers to $15.41 per user and month.
With 25 seats the price lowers to $13.16 per user and month and that causes an anomaly: 25 is lower priced than 22, 23 or 24 users.
With 50 seats the price lowers to $12.08 per user and month. 50 users is lower priced than 46, 47, 48 and 49 users.
And if you go over 90 users, you may ask for a price for 100 seats to get an even higher tier.

Claris Partner

If you buy your licenses through a Claris Partner together with a solution, there may be a bundle offer available through your partner. Solution license plus FileMaker license could qualify you for a bundle discount, but that depends on the partner if they do reselling.

Site License

A site license takes all people in the company and provides them with a FileMaker license. You get a discount as not everyone uses FileMaker, but you pay for everyone including your cleaning staff and the janitor. The site license costs about 1/3 of what the regular licenses would cost.

Even as site licenses start with 25 people, you can do the math for a lower number of people. Like for a company with more than 15 users, the site license may be cheaper than the user licenses, even if you include a few extra people not using FileMaker.

Concurrent licenses

Below 15 users, concurrent is too expensive to consider. It costs 3 times what normal users costs. Starting at 16 people using the solution, but only 5 at a time maximum, you could order 5 concurrent licenses and cover them all. Could be 30 people, 100 people or 1000 people. As long as only 5 use the system at the same time, the cost would be limited to $2970/year. Of course you can buy more concurrent licenses as needed.
Depending on your needs, the sites license may be the better choice to cover a lot of users.

For example you could have a FileMaker solution where users in a company occasionally look into. e.g. a solution to manage phone contracts. You may have 100 people in the company, but only a few per day look into the solution to check or update their phone contract.

Two or three years

If you prepay for 2 years on the Claris homepage, you receive a little discount of about 7.5%. For 3 years the discount is about 12%. For renewals you may get 10% on second year and 20% on third year.
You may even order licenses for up to 5 years. It may always be good to ask your license vendor for an offer for one years, three years and five years, so you can decide.

Education or Non-Profit

Claris offers a discount, which is about 40%. You may need to qualify for this and get allowed for this pricing tier.


Please sign-up for Claris newsletter to know when they do a sale. In the past we have seen offers like buy one license for FMP and get one free for a friend. Or an offer to renew an expired license with a discount as a welcome back offer. You may ask your Claris Partner for a promotion of course.

We advise customers speeding German to contact K&K Verlag, the publisher for FileMaker Magazin, to get a consultation on their licenses needed and an offer.

Warning: All numbers mentioned here may change over time, discounts and promotions will expire and currencies can fluctuate. Claris FileMaker Plugin
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