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40 Goodies in MBS Plugin

Have you seen our list of goodies in MBS FileMaker Plugin?

Since we started this in 2012 (read about the story), we got a lot of improvements for FileMaker's user interface to benefit the developers using it.

Earlier in 2023 a client asked if there is a list to describe them all, since the information was split over various blog entries, an outdated list of 20 goodies and a lot of details hidden in our documentation. We collected all the bits and pieces and added them to a comprehensive list. You find a list of all shortcuts here where we explain search shortcuts.

Recently we even showed them off in the live stream at RCC's fmtraining.tv.

Check out all goodies:

  1. Script Coloring
  2. Calculation Coloring
  3. Search script
  4. Search tables
  5. Copy text of script
  6. Search and replace in calculations
  7. Search field for relationship graph
  8. Contextual menus
  9. Zoom text in scripts
  10. Show IDs for scripts, values, fields and tables
  11. Remember column widths for tables, fields, layouts and custom functions
  12. Check variables
  13. Sort contextual menu for object styles
  14. Calculation font size
  15. Handle ESC key for touch bar
  16. Line numbers and GoTo
  17. Show field information for export dialog
  18. MBS Function calls in blue
  19. Script highlight color
  20. Code Folding
  21. Comment Links
  22. Links for MBS and Get functions
  23. Sort scripts
  24. Auto Complete variables and functions
  25. Add/Remove table occurrences
  26. Option Click for FileMaker Script Workspace
  27. Custom Function Tools for FileMaker Pro
  28. Hide lines in Data Viewer
  29. Search shortcut for Script Workspace
  30. Sort Layouts and Fields in FileMaker
  31. Font setting for FileMaker Script Workspace and Calculations
  32. Different colors for variables in FileMaker
  33. Custom context menu commands for FileMaker ScriptWorkspace
  34. Text position and selection in FileMaker
  35. See invisible characters in FileMaker calculations
  36. Shortcuts for align in relationship graph
  37. Format button
  38. Copy calculation text as html or styled text
  39. Tooltips for Script Debugger
  40. Brackets Highlighting

Over time, we will improve all this functionality, so please let us know if you have new ideas.

Claris FileMaker Plugin
13 01 24 - 09:52