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MBS Xojo Developer Conference Update

Overview of Andernach from Mountain.

Less than four months left until we start our MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Andernach, Germany.

Since early bird pricing ends

New Sessions

We added David Cox as speaker with two presentations:

Cross-platform development using Convert to Method Pair

If you have a massively multi-platform project you quickly discover that placing code in 12 locations (in Objects, Methods and Classes for Desktop, Web, iOS and Android)) becomes nearly impossible to manage. Using Convert to Method Pair allows you to place all your source code into one external Class per Window/Container/Page/Screen making your applications work consistently and making debugging much easier.

Using URLConnection to Export to PDF across all platforms

Providing PDF reports from HTML within your applications is easy for Desktop and Web apps, but nearly impossible with Mobile apps. Including additional software to do the conversion makes your app larger and more likely to be rejected by App Stores. Instead, create a RESTful Web server to take your HTML via a URLConnection and place the result into a database as a solution that works consistently for Desktop, Web and Mobile apps.

Picture of the training room.

Xojo Training

Our training day will take place. If you like to join and learn about Xojo, please join us. We take a look on Xojo development with Desktop, Web, iOS and Android projects working together. Great for beginners to intermediate developers to enhance their Xojo experience.


We sent invoices to signed up attendees. Please note that early bird pricing applies for registrations paid on or before 24th January 2024.
If you like to sign up with early bird discount, please do it soon.

Sight Seeing Trip

For the sight seeing, we charge a 50 Euro contribution (+VAT if needed). Exact program will depend on the weather, but we hope for good weather and to do a bit of a walk, some castle, roman ruins and stop by a monastery. We plan to get a bus, visit some historic places and stop somewhere for lunch. All included in the fee we charge.

Rooms available

The conference hotel has over 25 rooms available, so let us know if you like to have one with the sign-up.

Young developers

We got the first applications for the young student tickets. As you may know we try to help young developers to meet the community and join our conference.

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