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Xojo Delegate Change

There has been a problem in our plugins and in Xojo when handling target flags for delegates for some time. The bug was found and is already fixed for the Xojo 2023r4 and our plugins. You may need to use newer plugins 23.6prX (or later 24.x) for the newer Xojo to build some of your projects in some cases.

On our part, we didn't set the flags correctly for a lot of delegates in our plugin. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. This seems to affect the following plugins:
  • CURL
  • iOS
  • Mac64bit
  • MacBase
  • MacCF
  • MacFrameworks
  • Picture
The problems are corrected with all builds from 22nd November or later as well as Xojo version after build 61716.

What is the problem? Well, first we run into the problem, that Xojo didn't observe a target iOS flag for a delegate declared in the plugin. Just a few new functions, that would use delegates and we tried them on iOS to get a surprise. The delegate uses the date class, which is not available for iOS. Logically we set target flags to skip iOS for the delegate and just declare it to support Desktop and Console. But that didn't help, so we filed a bug. Xojo Inc. saw a little issue with handling the target flags for delegates declares inside plugins. Since that was fixed, the iOS build process can now ignore our delegate using date class.

But since Xojo now handles target flags correctly, we run into another issue: A ton of delegates in MBS Xojo Plugins didn't have target flags, which now defaults them to desktop only. Customers run into build problems when using other targets like console projects, including web projects and projects using workers. The flags are corrected and you can build using our 23.6pr1 (or later) plugins.
13 12 23 - 10:20