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Xojo 2023r4 released

The new release was just posted by Xojo Inc. As usual we have a few new items and a lot of bug fixes.

Release Notes - Download - Order license

There is a new Xojo version available and I expect everyone will quickly jump onto it: The reason is performance.

The improved code for StackOverflow checking will speed up all your applications, especially for macOS. Beside that you see improvements for thread switching, main thread checks and other places. The IDE itself and the web framework benefit heavily from the changes, so things may feel snappier. In an upcoming blog post, I'll show some numbers, but until that please try the new version and check the details in my blog post here: Performance improvements in Xojo.

You will need newer MBS Xojo Plugins, e.g. 23.6 beta or later 24.0 release: Download here. Due to change in delegate handling, we had to adjust our plugins. Most developers may not notice, but if you build a console, web or worker project, then you may get a compilation error with our older plugins. See also Xojo Delegate Change. What we enjoy is the improved cache handling for the plugins. Xojo loads the plugins faster and avoids issues with cache not being up to date. If you use RowSet with our MBS Xojo SQL Plugin, please use the newer plugin version with the fix related to the RowSet class.

Android makes great progress and with lots of small improvements and bug fixes. You can now use the native barcode scanner in your applications.

The debugger got a bit of love with improvements to the panel to show variables. Especially I hope the crashes with objects going out of scope are gone.

Finally you can search example projects in the project chooser. You now have the possibility to use HTMLViewer on macOS and our WebView2ControlMBS for Windows without getting CEF included in the Windows build.

We recommend that everyone checks out this release and upgrade later this year or in early 2024. Especially on macOS Sonoma, you benefit from less code signing errors.

12 12 23 - 18:11