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Three weeks till year's end

The year 2023 will end in less than three weeks. Do you need some more licenses?
  • You can order licenses for 2024 or later and have invoice, delivery and payment done in 2023.
    This way you secure the current pricing and the possibility to keep upgradeability for older licenses.
  • And of course you can order updates for several years in advance for all your MBS products.
    Multi Year Updates can provide a discount or extra months.
  • As all our Xojo and DynaPDF plugin licenses are per developer, you should check if you got a new developer in your team this year and adjust licenses to match team size.
  • For MBS FileMaker Plugin please check if you have enough license for the number of seats or servers you have in use.
    If you upgrade to unlimited seats or servers, the plugin won't need to check the usage counts.
  • For LibXL you can check if you like to upgrade from individual developer licenses to the Enterprise level. We can assist and may apply a special upgrade price.
Especially if you run on a budget and you want to spend some money in the old year, you can buy updates for several years in advance.
If you need help to decide what Xojo, FileMaker or plugin license you need, we may be able to assist you.
12 12 23 - 08:50