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MBS Plugin Advent calendar: 6 - MongoDB

Door 6 - MongoDB

Fact of the day
MongoDB is the backend of Claris Studio, unfortunately you cannot use the advantages of MongoDB directly with Claris Studio, but MBS makes it possible.

Welcome to December 6th. Today is St. Nicholas Day and we also want to take part in filling the Christmas boot with our calendar. Today it contains MongoDB. The special thing about MongoDB is that it is not a relational database based on tables and relationships, but its data has a JSON-like structure. This allows you to perform queries that were previously not possible due to the restriction of relationships or table limits.

In a MongoDB database we can have several collections. These collections can in turn contain several documents. The documents can be compared with data records, with the difference that different documents in a collection do not have to share the same structure. For example, you can have data in one and the same collection that describes the data for an employee and for a warehouse item. So you can easily find out who is in your company longer: the carpet in the warehouse or your trainee.

MongoDB will certainly be familiar to many of you, because Claris Studio is based on this backend. With the plugin, you can now use this flexibility directly. How to install a MongoDB server and how to use MongoDB with MBS is explained in this video.

At the end of last year, the possibility to perform transactions in MongoDB databases was added with MBS. This means that you can make changes to the database, which can then all be committed at the same time. This has the advantage that if something goes wrong when changing the database or if the data change process is canceled, the changes can be discarded and we are back in the state in which the database was before the change and the data integrity remains guaranteed. If you are interested, simply take a look at our documentation on the topic.

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