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List dialog with checkboxes

As you may know, you can show a list dialog with MBS FileMaker Plugin by using our ListDialog functions. For next version 13.5 we add new functions for having checkboxes in the list.

Screenshot from macOS:

The list dialog can now operate in multiple modes:

  • Like the simplest version would be to just show a list, the user double clicks an item and the dialog closes (or pick one and clicks select button).
  • Other way would be to allow multiple selection (see ListDialog.SetAllowMultipleSelection) and then pick a few items from a list and click select button. If needed, the user may first use the filter to narrow selection.
  • You can't just not just pick something with selecting an entry, but instead use checkboxes to collect the items. This allows the user to use the filter to search for items. Even while not visible

Screenshot from Windows:

You can enable the feature with ListDialog.SetShowCheckboxes by passing true. Then you can preset some checkboxes with ListDialog.SetChecked function. Once the dialog shows, the user can filter items, set some checkboxes and then click select button. Or filter again to find other items and add more check marks before finishing the dialog.

Please try the new functions and let us know whether you like them.

20 10 23 - 07:54