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MBS Plugins on Xojo Cloud

You may know Xojo Cloud as an easy way to deploy Web 1 and 2 applications to the web. A Xojo Cloud plan is just $49 per month for the smallest level and it is very comfortable. Just make your Xojo project, set Cloud as build target and click the deploy button. If you have no time to manage your own VPS, this is the most convenient way to run Xojo web apps. The second most comfortable way is probably using Lifeboat from Strawberry Software to manage your apps on your own VPS, e.g. an Amazon EC2 instance.

When we updated OpenSSL recently in version 23.2, we accidentally broke the compatibility to the linux used on Xojo Cloud, which seems to be current CentOS 7.9. Sorry if you are affected. This is fixed for 23.5pr1 and future releases. Of course Xojo Cloud may update someday to a newer version of Linux, like a current Ubuntu.

For the time being, the following plugin parts (out of about 500) may not load on CentOS due to library dependencies to newer C/C++ versions:

We also got a feature request to upgrade the Linux Cloud Servers to a newer version: Issue 74230.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

PS: Please note that the use of 32-bit Intel Linux version of MBS Xojo Plugins is deprecated. 32-bit for ARM is still working fine of course as well as all the 64-bit targets.

28 09 23 - 09:32