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Web Download Delegate for WebKit 2 in FileMaker

For 13.4 release, we'll update the WebDownloadDelegate functions in MBS FileMaker Plugin to work again with web viewers using WebKit 2 (since FileMaker 16).

Once again you can control downloads in FileMaker's web viewer on macOS and iOS. When a download starts, you get a script triggered to inform you about the progress. Then we have script triggers for download finished or failed and to update on progress.

The download can be stored in a specific folder with WebDownloadDelegate.SetFolder, but if you don't set it, we will just use a temporary folder. And we create a folder with random GUID as name to make sure the file can be stored on disk without a name conflict.

When the download finished, you can check the file path with WebDownloadDelegate.Path function, the URL with WebDownloadDelegate.URL function and whether an error happend with WebDownloadDelegate.ErrorMessage function.

Please check the feature in next pre-release and try the sample database.

29 08 23 - 08:56