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Preview Control for FileMaker

We got new Preview functions for you in our 13.3 version of MBS FileMaker Plugin (in development) to show PDF documents on macOS and Windows in a control on the FileMaker layout. Since the plugin puts the control on the layout, it is independent of FileMaker. It can stay when switching records and can load data from a container field or from a file on disk:

This is our example database coming with the plugin. It shows you how to pick a PDF file on disk or import a PDF into a container. Then it can initialize the control and show it on the layout. How the PDF looks is defined by the preview handler coming with Windows (10 or newer). Same on macOS, where the preview control has a minimum user interface, usually just a scrollbar.

Since on macOS, we use the QuickLook preview, we can also show other file types, e.g. files from Word or Excel.

Please try and let us know whether you like it. Claris FileMaker Plugin
29 06 23 - 09:24