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Earn money with your Xojo application

You can use MBS Plugin to earn some extra money in your Xojo application.
Try our classes for Windows Store, macOS Store, iOS Store or iOS Ads to monetarize your application.

Windows Store

Check out the Windows Store classes to perform in-app purchases. You can offer your application as a trial for free and then offer the user to purchase a license to a full or pro version of your application. If your application is sold upfront, you can query license information.

Blog: Selling Xojo apps on Windows Store
Documentation: WindowsStore classes
Example project: /WinFrameworks/Windows Store

macOS Store

For macOS you can add your application to the Mac App Store to offer in-app purchases. Similar to the Windows, but with a different set of classes in our plugin.

We have classes to check the receipt with license details, so you can check if the license is valid and the user didn't just copy the purchased app from one computer to the next one. Using this classes, you can also offer a way to have the downloaded version copy and verify the receipt and transfer the license.

Documentation: StoreKit classes
Example project: /MacCloud/Store Kit Test/Store Kit Test

iOS Store

The StoreKit classes work for iOS, too. The same plugin classes perform in-app purchases. In general we prefer to use Apple's store since it provides the most convenient way to buy the software. The user has already everything setup and just needs to confirm via dialog to send money to the developer. And you may decide to even do a subscription, so you receive more money for keeping your application up to date.

Documentation: StoreKit classes
Example project: /MacCloud/Store Kit Test/Store Kit iOS

iOS Ads

You can sign up for Google's mobile ad platform and use the Admob SDK inside our plugin to show ads. The best results bring in interstitial ads. Between two levels or two actions in your application, you show a full screen ad. Optional you can use reward ads, where the user receives something in exchange for seeing the ad.

For best results an application can do in-app purchases and ads. You may have a free tier with ads and offer the user to subscribe to the pro version without ads. You may get something like $2 per 1000 ad views from Google. But convincing a few percent of your users to pay $2 a month may be more revenue.

Blog: Add Google Ads to your Xojo app
Documentation: Admob classes
Example project: /iOS/GoogleAds/AdMob Test

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