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How about having another Xojo conference in 2024?

We enjoyed past Xojo conferences and we were a bit of disappointed, that Xojo Inc. didn't announce their 2024 conference plans.

So we may go and do our best to have a conference ourselves. In past years we run 10 conferences ourselves: Several in Koblenz and London, one each in Scheveningen, Berlin, Munich and Cologne. We regularly got over 50 attendees for the last conferences. For Berlin we even had about 80 people joining, which was our best result so far.

But we don't know how much interest is there for a conference in 2024, so we start with a survey to ask past attendees and interested Xojo developers to let us know their answers to a few questions:

  • Would you attend a Xojo conference?
    Yes, maybe, unlikely or no.
  • Would you join a Xojo training day before the conference?
    A training day would provide additional reason for you to join as well as a way to make sure the conference breaks even.
  • Would you stay longer and join a sight seeing day with the group?
    Some people e.g. from America may want to stay longer and see something from the country side like medieval castle.
  • Would you mind, if the location is more countryside?
    We like to be sure, that skipping a big city and going to a smaller city can be feasible and save some costs.
  • Would you want to become speaker?
    We need some content, so can you help and make an effort to create an interesting session.
  • What would you spend for a conference ticket in Euro?
    We need to know a range what people like to pay, so we can decide on how big the setup can be.
  • Would your company sponsor the conference?
    If a few companies sponsor some things like a dinner, we can keep this out of the ticket price and thus make the whole event more affordable.
  • What wishes do you have?
    Our past attendees can probably tell us what to improve.
  • Which week would be fine for you?
    We have a few dates in mind and ask for availability. If you know that a big other event could cause a conflict, please let us know, so we can avoid that week.
  • Please leave your email so we can follow up
    And if you leave your email, we can contact you.

The conference is a yearly gathering of Xojo developers, who care about the community and like to talk directly to the Xojo staff. Plus of course developers that like to join the conference for it's content, to learn something or to ask questions.

Please fill the survey here if you like to join a future conference.

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